Ep 3 - Sculpture - Lindy Lee



In this episode we speak with Lindy Lee, one of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists.

Throughout her life and practice, Lindy has sought the answer to one of the most fundamental questions — where do I belong?

This investigation began in her childhood as a first-generation Chinese-Australian growing up in Brisbane during the 1950s and 60s. During the early years of her art practice, Lindy explored themes of family, personal identity, and history. Later, as Lindy began to engage with Taoism and Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism, this question expanded to examine her place within what she calls 'the cosmos'.

Lindy's monumental public sculptures feature prominently outside many of our national institutions. With a career spanning over four decades, Lindy has also achieved widespread international acclaim, showcasing her work in counties such as Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Photography courtesy Elise Derwin.

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Newcastle Art Gallery's sculpture collection pushes the limits of materials, form, shape and architecture. Through artists’ use of diverse materials, the works defy the properties of their origin. Works within this collection are made from a range of materials including marble, steel, spinifex grass, wood, ceramic, glass, feathers, engines and many other source materials.

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Newcastle Art Gallery holds two works of art by Lindy Lee in our collection.

Lindy Lee, 'Black + Black + Black', 1990
Lindy Lee, 'Black + Black + Black', 1990
Lindy Lee, 'The First Immeasurable - Love (an unbounded heart)', 2017
Lindy Lee, 'The First Immeasurable - Love (an unbounded heart)', 2017