OLSEN ORMANDY: a creative force

​Stephen ORMANDY Totems 2016-2018 resin dimensions variable Courtesy the artist
17 November 2018 - 17 February 2019
10am to 5pm Tue to Sun, 7 days during school holidays
Free exhibition

OLSEN ORMANDY: a creative force features individual pieces from each artist alongside pieces made in collaboration from the artists' substantial archive as well as new, large scale paintings and sculptural installations made especially for this exhibition.
Olsen explains:
‘I have a fascination with balance and the relationship between being bold and the sensitivity of the delicate. I’m constantly inspired by nature; there is a something beautiful about the time things take to evolve and perfect in the natural world. Resin, one of the materials we have worked with in this exhibition has a wonderful viscous fluidity that allows us to cross the boundaries of sculpture and painting, which are very tactile, like three-dimensional poems that can be read by touch. Our creativity is still informed by our love of art, with curiosity and imagination at its core.’
Throughout the exhibition organic shapes and sensuous, earthy forms that recall Australia’s fauna and flora sit alongside large-scale paintings creating a rich visual poetry in a spectrum of lush shades.
Ormandy says:
‘My work is born of the subconscious mind. I’m looking for vibration and rhythm, the play of line creating positive and negative space, searching for tonal balance through contrast or harmony, while developing chroma relationships that hug or repel.’

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Photograph © Eleanor Ackland

Stephen ORMANDY Offering 2018 Oil on linen 200.0 x 300.0cm Courtesy the artist 

Louise OLSEN Dream Garden 2 2018 Oil on linen 152.0 x 182.0cm Courtesy the artist
​Stephen ORMANDY Totems 2016-2018 resin dimensions variable Courtesy the artist


  • Exhibition entry FREE



Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill