Hannah Quinlivan 'State of Suspension' (with artist) 2016 Steel, PVC, nylon, salt and shadow (2 km wire, 1.5 km nylon, 6.5 kg salt) Courtesy the artist
6 February - 1 May 2016

Free exhibition

Just Draw celebrates drawing and its many possibilities, performance, multimedia, installation, sculpture, kinetics and robotics. This exhibition present Australian artists who leverage the possibilities of this deceptively simple medium.

Australian drawing is alive with dynamic interrogations of its own parameters. It is an enduring medium with a fierce versatility, a medium of democracy, easily accessible in materials and actions.

Drawing offers a conceptual wonderland allowing the practioner to meander through a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts. From artists whose work could be described as a contemporary take on a classical methodology, to those who nudge the definition of ‘drawing’ beyond the realm of ‘marks on paper’. This survey considers artists works which are so much more than just drawing.

Guest curators: Todd Fuller and Lisa Woolfe

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  • Guest Curators - Todd Fuller and Lisa Woolfe



  • Exhibition entry FREE


Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill