Shaun Gladwell God speed verticals: Escalator sequence 2004 DVD 50:32 minutes Gift of Steven Alward, Janne Ryan and Mark Wakely through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program 2013 Newcastle Art Gallery collection
8 March - 27 April 2014

NEW TO VIDEO unveils the complexities and subtleties of modern life through the strength and innovation of the moving image.

The works in this exhibition span 2003 – 2010 and offer perspectives on subject matter as diverse as postcolonial representation, abandoned urban spaces, love and relationships.

Showcasing the Gallery’s growing collection of contemporary video works by leading artists, NEW TO VIDEO presents diverse approaches to the medium, by artists including Todd Fuller, Shaun Gladwell, Tracey Moffatt, TV Moore, Joan Ross and Daniel von Sturmer.


Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill