DEL KATHRYN BARTON The Nightingale and the Rose

Del KATHRYN BARTON 'The tree shook it's head. My roses are yellow, it answered' 2011 to 2012 acrylic, gouache, watercolour and ink on polyester canvas Courtesy the artist
December 15 2012 - February 17 2013

An exhibition of paintings by Del Kathryn Barton inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic story The Nightingale and the Rose, originally created for an illustrated book commissioned by Art & Australia. The theme of ecstatic metamorphosis through song attracted Barton to this story, where the life of a small bird is offered up for the ideal of love. For Barton, "the Nightingale is the true artist as she gives completely of her deepest essence".

New work
Barton presents two new major paintings and works on paper created specifically for display in Newcastle.

Exhibition Partner


Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill