Night Galleries Tours

Saturday 24 September & Saturday 1 October 2022
5.00 - 6.30pm
Tours are 20 minutes in duration

Our light box configurations are a modern play on the ancient concept of a Stonehenge. Arranged in different ways, they invite exploration, play, and discovery.

Each installation illuminates its surroundings and displays works of art drawn from Newcastle Art Gallery’s collection. The three exhibitions at each location display some of Newcastle Art Gallery's most significant artworks and highlight different collections.

Kuwumi Place explores portraiture, Market Street steps showcases landscapes, and Pacific Park features abstraction.

FastLAB at the University of Newcastle have applied creativity with technology by combining music and interaction, working with local business Saphi to create the bespoke light box. This project turns the city into an art gallery for all!

Enjoy a free guided tour at each of the three Night Galleries on both Saturday evenings during New Annual. 

Tours run for 20 minutes at each location on Saturday 24 September and 01 October on the half hour. Night Galleries are open and free to enjoy every night of the festival.

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  • This event is FREE