NEW ANNUAL - TITAN ARUM: Justin Shoulder

23 September - 2 October 2022

Free event. Walk-ins will be accepted subject to capacity limits.

​23 September: Exhibition 10:00am - 5:00pm
23 September: Performance 7:30pm
24 -25 September: Exhibition 10:00am - 5:00 pm
24 - 25 September: Performance 6:00pm + 7:30pm
29 September - 02 October: Exhibition 10:00am - 5:00pm
29 September - 02 October: Performance 6:00pm + 7:30pm

This is an offsite program presented at 164 Hunter Street, Newcastle. 

All performance session are booked out, however, walk-ins will be accepted subject to capacity limits.

New Annual returns from 23 September ⁠— 2 October 2022, bringing ten days of art, culture and creativity to the centre of Newcastle. 

Justin Shoulder’s TITAN ARUM, invites you to a carnivalesque biosphere of its own logic. Enter this conservatory of imagined ‘exotic’, medicinal and dangerous species. In devotion to world-making, the artist invites you to a landscape both familiar and alien. Night gardens propagate beings not quite flora or fauna. 

Continuing Shoulder’s interests in evolution and hybridity, TITAN ARUM births beings of ambiguity. Are they pollinator, parasite or host? 

Witness elaborate craft meet uncanny puppetry and the language of diasporic queer clubland. In a series of appearances throughout the installation, Shoulder inhabits these forms in a sensory ceremony of dance, light and sound before disappearing again into nature. Suitable for all ages.

More Information:

Presented by Newcastle Art Gallery and New Annual. 

Concept & performer Justin Shoulder @phasmahammer
Set & costume design Matthew Stegh & Justin Shoulder 
Set & costume design assistants Brenda Lam, Anthony Aitch and Luna Aquatica 
Composer Corin Ileto 
Lighting design Fausto Brusamolino 
Voiceover Christine Villareal 
Producers, Insite Arts: Jason Cross & Penelope Leishman

Performance duration 30minutes