Cosmo Polis

Image in background: James Rhodes 'Subdivision' (detail) 2014
In conjunction with the exhibition The 1818 Project

The Newcastle Art Gallery Youth Reference Group is connecting with groups and individuals to share personal stories or family histories of migration as well as creative interpretations of journeying to or from home.

Contributions to this project will be on display during exhibition The 1818 Project and available in the exhibition archives online after.

We aim to assemble an archive of literal, artistic, expressive and creative sources that reflect Newcastle as it is today by recognising the journeys we have taken to get here. As such, it is important to hear voices of the diverse Newcastle community as well as short and long term visitors.

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Or, you can visit the #cosmopolisnewy social wall for easier display.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Youth Reference Group?
The Youth Reference Group is a small team of volunteer young people, aged 18-30, who are tertiary students, practicing artists, writers, and performers. They assist the Gallery in providing a youth perspective, as well as coordinating several diverse projects throughout the year. Visit the Youth Reference Group page on our website to learn more about the group and its aims.

How will the Cosmo Polis project be displayed during the 1818 Project exhibition?
Smart Space is a dedicated space in the first floor gallery which has been set aside to host interpretive and interactive displays, and will host the Cosmo Polis project for the duration of the exhibition. You can learn more about past interactive displays by visiting the Smart Space page on our website.

How will the project be archived afterwards?
When the 1818 Project exhibition closes on 4 November 2018, all contributions will be collated electronically and saved to the website in the Past Exhibitions archive section.

What is The 1818 Project?
The 1818 Project is an exhibition which brings together eight contemporary artists from across Australia to address personal cultural histories and stories of migration. You can learn more about the exhibition by visiting The 1818 Project page on our website.

Who is this project intended for?
Cosmo Polis is a project intened to assemble an archive of literal, artistic, expressive and creative sources that reflect the diversity of Newcastle today. This is a project for everyone, to celebrate the journey they, or their family, have taken to be in Newcastle today. This project will be moderated, to ensure that content is appropriate for the context of its public display, but we recnognise that stories can be challenging. We encourage people of all walks of life to get involved.

How can I contribute to the project?
Contributions can be provided in person at the Gallery or electronically through social media, using the hashtag #CosmopolisNewy. The Youth Reference Group is also looking for local groups and organisations they can work with to develop content for this project. If you'd like more information on this option, use the following contact details: 

Lauren van Katwyk
Audience Development and Visitor Services Coordinator
or call 4974 5100 and speak to a Gallery Attendant



  • Participation is FREE



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