SYDNEY 6: Hinders Lewers Plates Abstract artists, friends, partners, siblings, 1940s-1970s

Carl Plate 'PMC 5' 1974 magazine paper collage on paper  Purchased 2010 Newcastle Art Gallery collection
9 May - 2 Aug 2015

Frank and Margel Hinder, Gerald and Margo Lewers and Carl and Jocelyn Plate, all founding or early members and exhibitors with Sydney’s Contemporary Art Society (CAS), were passionate promoters of twentieth century abstract and non-figurative art movements. They explored a wide variety of materials, frequently worked beyond painting, embraced three-dimensional form in their work and often exhibited together.

Sydney 6 displays approximately 70 works from across all media forms, exhibited in settings to allow their diversity to be viewed alongside each other – sculpture, painting, hangings, collage – and includes images the artists made of each other including Frank’s drawings of Margel, Jerry, Carl and Margo; Margel’s Jerry sculpture and Carl’s collage of Jocelyn. The exhibition draws largely on Newcastle’s own collection of mid-Twentieth century art, along with work from public and private collections. The exhibition also pays tribute to the Captain James Cook Memorial Fountain, designed by Margel Hinder and installed in Civic Park adjacent to Newcastle Art Gallery in 1966.

The exhibition will document the artists’ experimentation with diverse media, their friendships and influences and the significance of their work as dual artist couples

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Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill