Kirsten Coelho - In the Falling Light

Kirsten Coehlo 'Bottle and candle holder' 2012 porcelain, matt glaze grey/white, banded iron oxide 27.7 x 8.9cm / 4.6 x 15.3cm Purchased 2013 Newcastle Art Gallery collection
12 Sep to 15 Nov 2015

This focus exhibition of South Australian ceramic artist Kirsten Coelho showcases her technical abilities as one of Australia’s most significant rising talents. Through her signature white porcelain vessels, Coelho draws upon the domestic traditions of handmade ceramics with such objects communicating both material culture and social histories.

In the Falling Light contemplates the allegorical potential of objects and their relationship with light and shadow that acts as a conduit for reverie and recall. This exhibition connects past and present, the contemporary and the historical – offering a portrait of an imagined interior - momentary and fleeting, enfolded in diffused and changing light.

Ceramic objects communicate on many levels and it is the possibilities of engagement and response that I find compelling. The intersection of form, colour, tone and light are the constant drivers. Kirsten Coehlo


Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill