Different Realities: Peter Boggs

Peter Boggs 'Dawn on the avenue, Boboli' 2006 oil on canvas 104.5 x 115.0cm Gift of the artist through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program 2007 Newcastle Art Gallery collection
13 Jun to 30 Aug 2015

The paintings of New Zealand born artist Peter Boggs are recollections and remembered settings.This solo exhibition will feature a variety of works of art from recent years which have been executed overseas and in his studio, now based in the Blue Mountains. At times uncanny, the Italian garden and interior scenes reveal a strong interest in the atmospheric quality of a place; more to do with metaphor than truth and actuality.

In the end, my work is about recollections, remembered settings, secrecy in a way - surface realism concealing a kind of off stage drama. My interest is in atmospheres and 'tones', not the accuracy or exactitude of things, but more allegorical. The objective is always an image of universality.
Peter Boggs

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Newcastle Art Gallery
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