ABSURDIA: Noel McKenna - A focus

Noel McKenna Favourite deceased artists 2012 slip cast greenware with earthenware additions Purchased 2012 Newcastle Art Gallery collection Courtesy the artist
23 Aug - 16 Nov 2014

Careful additions to the Newcastle Art Gallery collection over years and decades allows the collection to build a narrative of an artist’s oeuvre. Continuing our series of focus exhibitions on key artists in the collection, Absurdia features Sydney based artist Noel McKenna. His diverse and quirky depictions of life and the somewhat peculiar aspects of the everyday are key attractions in his works that span sculpture, paintings and ceramics. McKenna’s tongue in cheek view of the world offers an absurdist look at serious issues such as mining and the art ‘scene’ itself.


Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill