Dallas BRAY 'Going to town' 2010 oil on canvas, 120.0 x 149.0 cm the 2010 Kilgour Prize recipient from the Jack Noel Kilgour bequest as administered by the Trust Company of Australia Limited Newcastle Art Gallery collection
6 November 2010 - 16 January 2011

This biannual acquisitive painting prize is financed by the JN Kilgour bequest. The Prize encourages innovative figurative painting by Australian artists and awards $50,000 for the most outstanding work of art, as judged by a selection panel. A People’s Choice prize of $5,000 is also awarded.

Born in 1900, Kilgour is known for his academic modernism and his subjects include urban landscapes and portraiture. His contemporaries included Jean Bellette, William Dobell, Paul Haefliger, Eric Wilson and his wife Nancy Kilgour, with whom he established a significant artistic partnership. His work is well represented in the Newcastle Region Art Gallery collection, as well as in significant state and national collections.

All entries were assessed by a panel of three selectors comprising of two independent judges, Ann Lewis AO arts patron, Daniel McOwen Director of Hamilton Art Gallery, Victoria and Ron Ramsey Director of Newcastle Region Art Gallery.

KILGOUR PRIZE 2010 winner: Dallas Bray, Going to town

KILGOUR PRIZE 2010 finalists: Suzanne Archer, John Beard, Eolo Bottaro, Dallas Bray, Michael Bryant, Amber Carbury, Francis Celtlan, Nicola Dickson, Tarli Glover, Shellie Kelly, Steve Lopes, Helene Leane, William Mackinnon, Barry McCann, Evert Ploeg, Rodney Pople, Debbie Robinson, Ben Smith, Robin Stewart, Mark Thompson, Frances Wiedersatz, Alice Wormald and Salvatore Zofrea.


Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
Cooks Hill