Internships and Work Experience

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Expand your professional knowledge with an internship at Newcastle Art Gallery

Newcastle Art Gallery provides an internship program for tertiary students, which we can develop in tandem with you and the requirements of your learning institution. The internship program is open to tertiary students of any specialisation, from any institution.

Internships will be a mixture of observational and hands on experience, usually accompanied by an independent project designed specifically for you, and aimed to expand your knowledge and expertise. The duration, days and hours of work and specific focus of the internship are agreed upon taking into account your preferences, the learning institutions requirements and the Gallery's ability to facilitate the placement.

Work Experience

Work experience at Newcastle Art Gallery is an option for creative secondary school students with a passion for art to connect with and learn from the Gallery's professional staff, significant collection and range of programs. We scaffold the student's experience across the whole Gallery team, to ensure an even coverage of all elements of Gallery operations. 

Time frame for applications:

Three months advance notice is required for all applications. Applications for internships can be submitted all year round, each application is considered on a case by case basis to ensure your specific interests can be matched to meaningful projects and available staff.

Please note: Due to the changing demands on the organisation, we may not always be able to accommodate all applicants. Newcastle Art Gallery focuses its internship and work experience program on tertiary students, and will place a priority on internships which are part of a unit of study, such as a practicum or placement unit of study. We cannot facilitate all requests for placements.

Further information:

 Fair Work Australia Fact Sheet on unpaid work experience

To apply:

For both a work experience or internship placement, please send your CV, and a coverletter outlining your interests and the proposed dates of your internship to Your CV can be of any length, however it is important to showcase your interests and career aspirations in the arts sector.

If you have additional information from your learning institution regarding the requirements of a practicum or placement please provide these also.