Community Access Workshops

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Available on demand

For children, young people and adults with specific needs.

Free, bookings required.
Bookings are coordinated through the Audience Team, email us here or call 4974 5100. 
Please note: Our Community Access Workshops are currently suspended.

Free, hand-designed art making workshops for children, young people and adults with specific needs, including physical, intellectual, emotional or behavioural disability. The Community Access Workshop program is designed to support existing service providers during a visit to the Gallery. Participants begin with a tour of the exhibition before a practical session which allows them to explore a range of art materials.

Interested individuals and groups are encouraged to discuss their requirements with the Audience Team.
Community Access workshops are connected with specific exhibitions (not all exhibitions on display in the Gallery spaces) and can be booked from 10am-4pm Tuesday to Sunday but not during school holiday periods. You must have a group of 5 or more visitors in order to book a workshop.