Children's Art Trails

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Available with selected exhibitions

For children of all ages


These free, do-it-yourself Gallery activity booklets are available with selected exhibitions and are there for the whole family to enjoy. Our Art Trails are a great way to entertain children in the Gallery, offering questions, puzzles, clues and quirky pieces of information.

Children's Art Trail archive

 2018 OLSEN ORMANDY: a creative force (pdf)
 2018 Patricia Wilson-Adams: stain me with the intensity of black (pdf)
 2018 Elisabeth Cummings: interior landscapes (pdf)
 2018 Hunter Red: Corpus (pdf)
 2017 Painting Memory: from the collection (pdf)
 2017 Children's Art Trail: THE PHANTOM SHOW (pdf)
 2016 JOHN OLSEN: The City's Son (pdf)
 2016 Just Draw (pdf)
 2015 Artfarty Art Trail: MAMBO: 3Ø1 Years of Shelf Indulgence & Kilgour Prize (pdf)
 2014 Novocastria (pdf)
 2013 Whiteley on water (pdf)
 2013 Illumination: the art of Philip Wolfhagen (pdf)
 2013 Treasures of Newcastle from the Macquarie era (pdf)
 2012 Art & Australia collection 2003-2013 (pdf)