Joseph LYCETT <i>Inner view of Newcastle</i> c1818 oil on canvas 59.6 x 90.0cm Purchased with assistance from the National Art Collections Fund, London UK 1961 Newcastle Art Gallery collection
8 September - 4 November 2018
108 days from now
10am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday, 7 days during school holidays
Free exhibition

Joseph Lycett (1774-1825) an English convict artist whose transportation to and displacement in Newcastle from 1816-1818 resulted in the production of four significant oil paintings depicting the landscape and burgeoning township of 'Coal River' (Newcastle) in 1818. Three of these paintings are in the Newcastle Art Gallery collection and 2018 marks 200 years since their creation.
THE 1818 PROJECT brings together eight contemporary local and national artists to address
personal cultural histories and stories of Australian migration.
From the turn of the 19th century Newcastle was shaped by migrant labor attracted by the City's industries. The story of each artist, including Lycett, in their search for a sense of place and belonging in a new and foreign land, is the underlying theme of the exhibition.
Featuring artists:
  • Abdul Rahman Abdullah - Sculpture and interdisciplinary artist who explores new multicultural mythologies referencing his Muslim-Malaysian-Australian cultural heritage.
  • Shan Turner Carroll - Photography, sculpture, performance based artist who responds to site, his Burmese heritage and migration.
  • Dale Collier - Multimedia artist who interrogates contemporary art and nationalistic propaganda.
  • Karla Dickens - Sculpture and installation artist who addresses identity politics and cross-cultural art.
  • Fernando do Campo - Installation artist who works with archives and researching narratives within other collections.
  • Lindy Lee - Multi platform artist using sculpture, photography, painting and mixed media to explore the experiences of loss and transition that have spanned five generations of travel from China to Australia.
  • Yhonnie Scarce - Glass installation artist who references the effects of colonisation on Aboriginal people.
  • Jacqui Stockdale - Painter, drawer and photographer whose work revisits colonial and historical tableaux.
THE 1818 PROJECT will also feature further artists from the Gallery's collection.



  • Exhibition entry FREE



Newcastle Art Gallery
1 Laman Street
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