Children's Art Trails

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Available with selected exhibitions

For children of all ages


These free, do-it-yourself Gallery activity booklets are available with selected exhibitions and are there for the whole family to enjoy. The trail helps adults visiting the Gallery with children, offering questions, puzzles, clues and quirky pieces of information to get you thinking and talking about the art on display.

Children's Art Trail archive

 2018 OLSEN ORMANDY: a creative force (pdf)
 2018 Patricia Wilson-Adams: stain me with the intensity of black (pdf)
 2018 Elisabeth Cummings: interior landscapes (pdf)
 2018 Hunter Red: Corpus (pdf)
 2017 Painting Memory: from the collection (pdf)
 2017 Children's Art Trail: THE PHANTOM SHOW (pdf)
 2016 JOHN OLSEN: The City's Son (pdf)
 2016 Just Draw (pdf)
 2015 Artfarty Art Trail: MAMBO: 3Ø1 Years of Shelf Indulgence & Kilgour Prize (pdf)
 2014 Novocastria (pdf)
 2013 Whiteley on water (pdf)
 2013 Illumination: the art of Philip Wolfhagen (pdf)
 2013 Treasures of Newcastle from the Macquarie era (pdf)
 2012 Art & Australia collection 2003-2013 (pdf)